Things are better today.  Thanks for all the concern and well wishes–it is definitely most appreciated!

Brought the chewed up clog into our local Dansko store and they said that all was not lost:  for about $20 they’ll send them to the Dansko fixer man and the clog should return as good as new.  Much easier to swallow than replacing the clogs altogether….

Also, no damage today from the naughty labradorian.  Maybe he got wise after hearing me sob for 45 minutes and decided it wasn’t worth it.

I’m listening to The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield on my ipod now.  It continues to draw me in and its amazing how quickly the hours fly by when I listen.  Some people question how I can stand living so far away from town (a 20 minute drive through fields of grass, sheep and cows).  I love the scenery and it gives me time to listen to books or music I like or even talk to my kids.  So far, loving this book.

All in all, I’d still rather be in Italy right now, though…..

These pictures were created using originals taken by Carol and Ed on their trip to Italy 10 years ago.  Now thats a story for another day….

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