I went outside to take a picture of another beret I finished last night and as I walked out the door Harry came to meet me (of course he’s hoping I’ll feed him).  It occurred to me that I should call this beret "Harry" for obvious reasons….Harryfeb

My mom knows how I love sparklies and the pin is a christmas present from her.


Looking forward to some SuperBowl knitting–hopefully……My oldest daughter has a stomach bug and is not a good sick person.  Last night she was moaning and crying and saying that we should take her to the hospital–the drama!  I gave her a few tylenol PM and she slept well all night and says she’s feeling a bit better when I check in on her.  And this one is headed to college next year?

I leave you with a picture that is special to me and appropriate for today….


Believe it or not he knew where I was sitting in the stadium and was blowing kisses to me after the we won the game…….

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