Wishful Thinking


We’ve had so much lovely sunshine in the last few days that it almost makes me want to go out and clean up my garden.  Almost.  Its still pretty chilly out there and the fire continues to beckon….Maybe in a few weeks….Those roses, bluberries and grapes aren’t going to prune themselves, unfortunately….

Working on a pair of socks in STR mediumweight and trying to keep from getting distracted by all the lovely yarn in my stash that is begging to be cast on.

Working on some Valentines gifts for nieces and nephews–I can’t believe that another holiday is right around the corner!  I did find some good little treasures for upcoming birthdays when my mom and I went thrifting for a few hours today.  So much more fun to find things for .99 cents than to go to an antiques store and pay a fortune!  Found some cute teacups:  4 for $1.99.  Went on to the local antiques store and found the same teacups for $7 a piece!  Guess today was my lucky day….

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5 Responses to Wishful Thinking

  1. pam says:

    I actually did a little yard cleanup this weekend, plus planted some early spring annuals. Its bound to get really cold again though, winter likes to tease us. Can’t wait to see your projects!

  2. willow says:

    welcome back from your rain induced hiatus. It rained in Southern California yesterday. No yard work for me…

  3. Carra says:

    Well my garden is not ready for any work yet.. I love those days when you can find amazing bargains like that. It happened to me once in the fete des fleurs last year, maybe this year i’ll be lucky again?

  4. India says:

    After reading your posting I bought the same audio book – it’s great ;0)

  5. Susan says:

    Sunshine? What’s that? But I’m not complaining too much. We have had such a drought that each snowflake or sleet particle is precious. Especially on those days I can stay inside and knit *G*

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