Well, we got snow.   Lots.  And a snow day for Doug and the kids.  It was kind of like a gift–waking up to a quiet, white covered landscape, finding out there’s no school,  and then getting to shuffle out to the living room to sit and knit by the fire in my pajamas.  Henry and Riley ran out to make a snowman before it all started to melt.

Off to work and school today–back to reality for one day before we get out 3 day weekend!  Yipee!  Just think of the knitting I can accomplish…….

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  1. b says:

    Yea for snow!!! I’m sure it is beautiful out there. Thanks again for my wristwarmers…they really came in handy the last few days. I so love them!

    Enjoy the three day weekend!

  2. callie says:

    We live in Albany Oregon hardly any snow in our little part of Oregon. I love your snowman. Too cute.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Oh how lovely, I adore that silence you get, so peaceful, a snow day is as though time stands still for a bit. Very handsome snowman, is that a hand knit scarf?

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