File this under one of the crappy things about living out in the country:  Thursday night our well pump decided that 20 years was enough and stopped working.  Once again, no water.  Thank goodness for fast responding pump guys who came and had us up and running with a new pump by Friday night.  Unfortunately,  the bill for said service and new pump will be as big as our Xmas spendings….We may be poor but at least we’ll be clean…….

Finally pictures of Xmas gifts.  I give you mom’s slippers:Momslips

"Fetching" wristwarmers:Fetching_1

and my convertible fingerless glove/mitten knit with Trekking sock yarn:


It looks like we’ll be needing warm woolens by the end of this week:  they’re predicting snow at the valley floor…..

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  1. willow says:

    I love those slippers! They look so nice and warm. Aren’t those the wool flowers you made last month?
    I’m not looking forward to the cold weather in Oreong. I’m flying in to PDX on Wednesday to spend a week with my bro.

  2. willow says:


  3. willow says:


  4. JulieFrick says:

    Those are gorgeous photos. What pattern did you make the Trekking gloves from? Did you have to use more than one skein? I’d love to have me some of those.

  5. Pam says:

    Wow, so many wonderful gifts! You were a busy bee. I love those slippers!

  6. Well pumps… btdt… seems it always goes out when it is either raining, we have company, or I am running late. So far, the man about the place has been able to fix it… new wiring, etc. I do enjoy having my own water though!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Oh those slippers are beautiful, I love the colour combination. Did you use a pattern and is it your own yarn? Questions questions….

    Nightmare about the pump, you have my sympathies. There are rural drawbacks, we have noticed our septic tank has become much smellier lately, it is a niggling worry at the back of our minds which we are desperately hoping will just disappear….

  8. b says:

    you are so talented! these slippers are beyond beautiful and the wristwarmers and gloves are so gorgeous…the texture and colors you select are amazing. i am so excited to have wristwarmers of my own…thank you again for the pair you gave me at breakfast today!

  9. Susan says:

    Bummer about the pump! But hooray that you didn’t have to wait a long time to get it taken care of.

    I love, love, love everything about your mom’s slippers. The style, the colors and of course, the lovely flowers.

  10. Oh my, I love those slippers!

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