Campanile This is the Campanile–the clock tower on the Cal Berkeley campus.  We went to Berkeley to walk around and reminisce and remember when we were young and enjoying a carefree (comparatively) existence…It was fun to check out old haunts and tell the kids stories and memories.  Its such a beautiful campus and we had such a great time there…we even checked out my sorority (yes, I was actually a sorority girl–can you believe it?) where we knocked on the door and a very nice carpet cleaning serviceman let us in and let us wander around so I could show my girls the rooms I had and were their Dad and I "studied" ….One of the things that the sorority does is keep the old composite pictures around so you can see all the old hags that were there before you.  Let me tell you, we had to search high and low to find the back hallway where the picture that I was in from 20 years ago was hanging!  But we found it….

Home again, home again…

We had a fantastic trip to visit my sister and her family–it was a 9 hour drive down and 9 hours back but well worth it and the cousins had a lot to catch up on.

My sister saw my slippers and loved them so we had to make a trip to her local yarn store to get her set up with the right stuff to make a pair and, being the driven woman that she is, she dug right in and now has one slipper completed.  I did NOT come home with any yarn that I didn’t bring up with me!  Can you believe it?  However, I knit so much one would think that my arms were going to fall off (my children actually did ask me that and were a tad worried).  In the car my fingers were still only long enough to eat lunch.  That said, I completed the convertible mittens made out of Trekking, started a new pair out of Regia (completed one of the pair), and finished a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves.  I was a woman on fire!  We took my sister Alison’s super-duper pimped out Suburban which has XM radio and listened to college bowl games on the way home–quite a nice situation for knitting:  a seat with a butt warmer,  knitting, snacks and football on the radio.  Poor Doug was driving the whole way but I was content.

All was not well at home, however, as Quackers apparently harrassed Angus one time too many and Bernadette came out to find Angus carrying around the 15  lb. Quackers by the neck.  Quackers is still alive but a bit bloody and missing some feathers and recovering in the barn.  I hate it that he’s hurt but dang!  Stop harrassing the retriever!  Hopefully all will turn out okay and they’ll respect each other’s space….

Hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve and Day and a big Happy Birthday to Cara over at January One!

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