Cupocoffee I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I, however, am happy its all over and now my brain can go back to the normal everyday worrying that I’m used to…Sad, but true.  We’re currently visiting my sister and her family in Northern California for a quick and action-packed trip and I’m hoping to see some of my friends here but my sister put an prison-type ankle bracelet on me as I slept so that I can’t leave the house and she has me all to herself (just kidding, kind of….).  The sun is shining and its about 55 degrees and some would say it’s lovely weather but I keep yelling, "It burns….." kinda like Gollum.  As much as I need the sunshine for mental health and all, I much prefer wintery weather; it’s more conducive to knitting and napping…..

Xmas went off just fine and there were surprises for the kids (they’re getting harder to surprise as they get older) and all my knitted gifts were kindly received and fit perfectly with the exception of Ed’s beret:  I knit the larger size (he is a male after all and they should have larger heads) but apparently Ed’s head is the same size as my mom’s or mayber smaller (is it the lack of hair or brains?  Hmmm…..) and he put on his beret and pulled it down over his ears.  So, soon I’ll be frogging the beret to re-knit it in the smaller size for him…His socks fit wonderfully and he’s been wearing them with his Birkenstocks to show them off so thats nice.

The other project I was working on was of a photographic nature.  Ed’s birthday was Dec. 17th and for his birthday I wanted to put together a photographic study of all the places that meant something to him in San Francisco, where he was born and spent most of his life.  So, when I came down to Northern California a few months ago, Patti and I drove all over the city snapping shots of all the places that were important to my dad.  I picked out some of my favorites and worked on them for days and put them all together in a cohesive manner and framed them and gave them to Ed on his birthday.  My gift was greeted with tears and I was glad I touched him with my work–it makes it all worthwhile…

Well, off into the sunshine for me.  I’ll be heading to an office store to get a card reader so that I can download pictures from my camera.  Forgot to pack one….

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  1. Pam says:

    You’re cracking me up with the “It burns..”, its pretty gray here now. The glare is killing me. Anyway I imagine the photos were amazing, and the knit items sound wonderful. I too will be glad when the tree is down and life returns to ‘normal’. Whatever that is.

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