Frost_berriesDid you think I had dropped off the face of the earth again?  Well, I kinda did….the Pacific Northwest had a nasty storm last Thursday, and though we personally did not sustain any major damage, our power went out at 7pm Thursday night and was not restored until 5pm Sunday night.  That means no heat, no internet, no showers and no flushing of the toilets unless absolutely necessary (we’re out in the boonies–we have a well and no power means no water too!).   So…I just checked my email and saw all the lovely comments you left me and I’ll be getting back to you and can’t wait to check your blogs and see what you’ve been up to but tonight I must put away candles, clean, do laundry and start those christmas cards….I’m enjoying having more heat in the house (it got down to 53 in the house last night) and currently have two space heaters facing me as I write this.  It wasn’t all bad, though:  I continued to knit with a head lamp on…..

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