Holly_2005We have snow!  Yes, its cold.  Yes, its messy.  And, yes, it isn’t sticking all that well but its floating down and looking downright heavenly and holiday-like and its almost making me forget the christmas stress that is beginning to make my neck hurt and give me a headache and make me not sleep so well….
I think I need to make a big list to put it all into perspective.  Its important for me to get perspective this time of year because things are pretty damn good for us right now.  And let me just say thank you to all of you that read my blog and to all of you whose blogs I read.  Thank you for sharing your good and your bad and sharing mine with me.  This is an important space in my life and your voices are important to me. 

We had the family over last night for Henry’s birthday dinner.  I wish I could describe the many conversations at the table.  Ed was there so you know there was some good discussion going on (actually I was trying to tune him out:  he was describing, in detail, a friend’s back surgery and the resultant spinal fluid leek!  Yuck!).  At one point we were all musing over Caillou and why he was bald…no one in our family can figure that one out but we did have some inappropriate speculation….And Bernadette was there to help us celebrate and it never fails to be entertaining at the table when she visits.  She loves all the craziness in my family and threatens to write a book but I tell her that it’s my intellectual property as I’ve paid for it in therapy fees….

I looked out the window again….I’m loving this snow thing.

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