Frost_rose_2We’re planning a little trip to Sunriver with my sister Ali, brotherinlaw Bill and my three neices.  Mountains.  Snow.  Hooky from school and work.  Nice hotel suite with fireplace.

Scene from my dinner table a few nights ago:

Me:  Your dad and I thought it would be fun to go with Auntie Ali and Uncle Bill up to the mountains for a night and see the snow, get out of town.  What do you think?

Ruby:  What are we going to do there?

Me:  See the snow.  Check out Bend–we’ve never been there and it’s supposed to be nice….

Riley:  We’re going to drive for 3 hours, and then drive around Bend?

Ruby:  And then sit in a hotel room and look at the snow outside?

Me:  okay you snots.  You stay home–Daddy and I will go.

Them:  No, no, we want to go.  We just want to know what we’ll be doing….

Me:  Well, your aunt says that this resort really does alot for christmas and they have all kinds of activities for the holidays that your cousins are really excited about.

Ruby:  Like what?

Me:  They have "baking cookies with Mrs. Claus"….(Riley begins to make a face like she ate poison), "breakfast with Santa"….(Ruby pretends her hand is a gun and pretends to blow her brains out), and"elf tuck in" (Henry starts to yell,"I’m bringing a baseball bat in my suitcase–I don’t want any elf tucking me in!!!!!!  I’m bringing a bat!!!  I’m bringing a bat!!!!)

End Scene.

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