I admit it.  I have issues.  When I shop (antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales)  all my purchases end up "matching".  It’s like I go shopping with a subconcious theme in mind and when I set all my new finds out when I get home, they all look great together.  Its kind of a strange phenomenon.  So, last Thursday, my mom and I hit a few thrift stores and the local Kmart and once again, I have color coordinated thrifting success….Thrift_haul

I don’t like gloating, but…..the 39 piece dish set was $30 and because it had a black tag and it was black tag day it was half  price and I only paid $15 for it!  I know its not a really good set of china or anything but its so pretty!  And the two little white birds were 99 cents for both of them.  I couldn’t resist the glass bowls because they’ll be so pretty with homemade cranberry sauce  in for Thanksgiving.  A very good haul, I must say….(anyone remember Ed Grimley on Saturday Night Live?)


I also got vintage wallpaper samples that I can’t wait to cover boxes with.   They’re from the ’50’s and in great condition.  Now I just need to find the time to actually do something with them….

And, last but not least, the felted flowers…..

Felt_flowers I just can’t stop making these things! 

So….Here’s to a weekend full of knitting by the fire, football and maybe a James Bond movie.  Hope your weekend is just as good!

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