Strawberry_flowerAnyone hear about Safeway’s special on Betty Crocker cake mixes?  Buy ten boxes and with your club card they ring up as free.  Doug heard about it on the radio (don’t ask me where–he listens to the weirdest stuff) so I sent Ruby to try it out.  She called from the store and said that the sign said buy 10 boxes for $1 each so I told her to go ahead–it’s a good price anyway.  She took them up and bought them and, lo and behold, they rang up as free!  She was a little disappointed, though:  she kinda expected a (these are her words) "wink, wink"  or a "secret handshake" or something.  All she got was free cake mix…

Seeing that Cal stunk up the field yesterday, the cake mix intrigue was our excitement for the week. 

The duck has taken to guarding the front steps of the house.  This poses a problem as the dogs don’t want to pass him to go pee.  Our labradors aren’t too fond of peeing in a driving rain anyway (no one told them they are supposed to be water dogs) and they are even less enamored of the process when they are being pecked by an angry duck.  I’ve had to go out with an umbrella and stand over the Angus as he’s peeing (keeping my boots out of the stream) and shoving the idiot duck away!  Quackers even pissed off Carole (mom) when she came to my house and he snuck up behind her and pecked/bit the back of her leg as she was walking to the house.  She was indignant that she always takes care to feed him a little cat food and this is the way he treats her!  It is getting a bit out of hand though, and we’re all a little tired of having to race past Quackers to avoid getting pecked in the "knee pit" as my children call it.  If you turn on him and step towards him he’ll back away but you still have to walk faster than him to make it to your destination unscathed.

It’s quite and experience here.

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