I had a good day off–I fooled around until I came up with a cute pattern for felt birds (they are cute ornaments, gifts or package toppers) and I found a great pattern for knitting flowers and then felting them.  So I’d say I had a successful day.   I love the packaging of gifts as much as I like giving them so I’m glad I figured out these things early.

It’s been rainy here and quite blustery–perfect for sitting by the fire and knitting.  I’ve even made a batch of orange chocolate chip biscotti and tried making some with dried cranberries instead of chocolate chips.  The chocolate chip ones get dipped in chocolate but I think I’ll dip the cranberry ones in white chocolate instead.  Mmm, good with a cup of coffee.  Which I think I’ll be needing because I think I’m coming down with a cold again.  You know the telltale signs–the sore throat and plugged ears…I’m trying Zicam and keeping my fingers crossed…

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  1. B says:

    I love the felt bird. I agree…the packaging/presentation of a gift is just as special as the gift itself. And your gifts are always so beautifully done! You are a creative inspiration for me.

    I hope you are able to beat the sore throat. I too am starting to feel that but I swear by chewable vitamin C. I’ve successfully managed to avoid getting sick since I started taking those diligently a couple of months ago. I take a couple in the morning and a couple more in the evening and my sore throat seems to go away and I never get a full-blown cold. Maybe that would work for you?

    Anyway, I am looking forward to meeting up sometime this week, if that will still work out.

  2. profbookwurmknits says:

    your 14 june post featured lovely hand mitts. where did you find the pattern? i would love to make a pair for my daughter;the yarn was beautiful.

  3. Pam says:

    Hope you’re not getting sick. I’ve had that a couple of times but somehow dodged the bullet. Good luck.

  4. leslie says:

    I love the bird….so cute. I have been thinking of you, and because of this darn blog I don’t call you because I kinda know what’s going on. But it’s not the same……Miss you and will call you.xoxox

  5. willow says:

    very cute bird! are you going to post a photo of the felted flowers?

  6. Susan says:

    Hope the Zicam worked and you’re feeling fine once again. and I love that little bird! So cute!

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