damn, i hate mondays

Red_snapper_1 I’m home.  I’m back among the menagerie and craziness.  Sweet Potato Soup on the stove simmering for dinner, the sounds of SpongeBob coming from the other room and Angus with his head on my legs, panting.  Nothing like home….

It was an awesome trip–lots of photos for my project, knitting and laughing.  Patti’s house is like my own in that there is never a dull moment or any quiet unless the whole house is asleep.  Her kids are so sweet and funny and I love to joke with them and find out whats going on in their lives too.  It’s nice to feel so welcomed.

I got to catch up with my very oldest (as in known the longest, not oldest in age) friend Toni.  We kinda grew up together and our dad’s were friends as they were growing up so Toni is more like a sister and knows all the in and outs of my crazy family and I do hers.  She asks about my sisters and my parents and as I tell her about things, the stories take on a hilarious quality and we’re laughing and crying because we’re laughing so hard.  Ed usually figures prominantly in these stories….Like how he leans on my car and keeps tapping on the window and saying, "roll it down, roll it down!"  and I refuse to because I’m in a hurry and I know that if I roll down my car window, he’ll lean into the window and keep talking to me.  I’ll try to drive away and he’ll keep walking as my car is moving with his arms on my window!  Or how  he called my sister Alison to talk to my brother-in-law Bill.  Alison had been asleep and told Ed that Bill was downstairs and she’d get him but instead she fell back to sleep with Ed on the phone waiting for Bill (Ed’s a bit manic in the morning and he went a little nuts).  He finally figured that she was asleep and started screaming into the phone to wake her up…Out of all the people she could have done that to Ed is the one who would freak out the most….So, anyway, Toni and I both had mascara running down our faces by the end of dinner.

On the knitting front, I do have some progress for Socktober but no pictures to share.  I’m sure I’ll have more time this week.  I also want to finish plying that great pink and white and green merino and take some pictures of the resulting yarn because it is turning out great!  I also have some great ideas for some bags made out of felted sweaters that I’d like to try so it looks like my Thursday off will be a full one.  That’s something to look forward to.

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