I’m leaving, on a jet plane….

Rose_beauty Well, the Queen and I are off to CA tomorrow.  We both have our ipods loaded with audio books, music and videos.  Its only an hour and a half flight…I’ve got one sock on the needles and another ball of yarn packed.  I’ve got plenty of memory for the camera and a laptop in case I need to dump those to take more pictures.  And chargers.  And cables.  I think I’m set….Hopefully I’ll come home with lots of great pictures to keep me busy for awhile.  I’m really looking forward to this mini-vacation.

I’m intending to blog while I’m gone–I’ll probably have more time because I won’t be racing around trying to get kids to school on time and working.  Those are my intentions….

More soon…

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3 Responses to I’m leaving, on a jet plane….

  1. Pam says:

    Hey, have a great trip! What are you and the Queen up to?

  2. Susan says:

    Ohhh have the best time!

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