off with their heads!


My lack of blogging has been due to an unusually busy week here at psycho central.  In addition to all of the usual afterschool happenings, work, football we also were present to see Ruby sing the National Anthem at a volleyball game.  She did great and we were so proud.  Next on the agenda:

I present to you our royalty…..


Homecoming Queen!

It was fun to watch and we were all surprised as she didn’t find out she was nominated until Monday and the game and presentation was Friday.  We still keep it real here at Freeloader Farm, though.  We told her that her sparkly tiara would look great while she did her vacuuming and dusting chores for the weekend.  Even royalty has to pitch in!

Things are progressing here on the knitting front:


This  is the Weekend Pullover by Knitting Pure and Simple.   

I’m in a hurry to finish this up (as you can see by the size of the yarn its a quick knit) because Ruby and I are travelling to California for more photography and photoshop with Patti.  I’m looking forward to this trip–I need a break and it will be great to have some one on one time with Ruby before she leaves us for college.  I’ve got a photography project in mind so I’m excited to jump in and get creative.  And then there’s knitting at night with Patti and catching up….

This is a Christmas Present made of homespun Blue Face Leicester.  I am still amazed how soft it is to spin and knit.Cable_bfl  This little project was perfect for handspun because it took exactly 4 oz of fiber spun up at worsted weight.  I got Shannon Okey’s book,  Spin to Knit  and I was a little surprised by the lack of small projects she included.  And the projects that were for small amounts were so butt ugly that there is no way I’d waste my hard spun yarn on any of them!  She does have good instructions on a bunch of spinning techniques though.  If any of you want to know what this object is email me and I’ll tell you.  I just can’t blog about it because my dang nosey family reads my blog….

Its time to face the music–grocery shopping and making apple cider with Ed and Carole (the parental units)…

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5 Responses to off with their heads!

  1. India says:

    I really like that Blue Faced Leicester. It’s one of my favourite fibers. So far I have only been able to spin it in its natural colours. Mind you, they oatmeal shade is beautiful, so I am not complaing, but I am going to try to get my hands on some of the dyed stuff.

  2. leslie says:

    Many congratulations to Ruby! She looks so sweet in that picture. Sorry, but it is hard for me to accept that the little strawberry blonde, curly headed toddler is the Homecoming Queen on her way to college. Anyway, she deserves all she has earned, and if she is the Queen, then you must be the “Queen Mum” and no “Queen Mum” I know does dishes, picks up dog crap, or for that matter, any crap! So, congratulations to you, too, “Mum”!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Homecoming Queen, awww, she looks so beautiful and Ruby singing, wow, what a talented family.

    That top picture is gorgeous, I love those greens and pinks, what project is it destined for?

    Your trip sounds great, you are well due a break, have a fantastic time.

  4. Pam says:

    Congrats to your daughter, she looks so pretty. Love all your inspirational yarn projects. Love the picture of the spool. Can’t wait till all will be revealed.

  5. Susan says:

    Ohhh what a glorious queen if only for a night. Not to worry though, royalty is royalty even if they are a royal duster.

    I love the Christmas gift yarn. I have no idea what it is, but I would happily be adopted into your family so it could be for me 🙂

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