running a little late

Autumn_berriesI’ve decided to delay my rocket-paced, stress-filled jaunt to school and then to work by an hour.  I’ll just send a note with Henry to excuse him and be a little kinder to myself this Monday.  Take time to blog a bit.  Then maybe we can have a leisurely, relaxed trip to school and then work.  Maybe this will take the edge off of things….I don’t know; it’s still Monday…..

Thanks for all the well wishes–its a very tiny cold (my immune system must be pretty good) and I’m doing okay and now just have a crappy cough but I’m pulling out of it.  You’re all so sweet, though.

I’m sorry I haven’t commented back to anyone–things have been really crazy around here but I will be answering back soon.  And Pam, I tried to comment on your blog about your cute doggies but my network connection failed and, well, you know the story….

I was reading Real Simple magazine and found this cool site.  I thought it was really neat and now I’ve got my own handwriting font.  Don’t know what I’ll do with that, but there it is…..

And, as always, Roll on you Bears!  Great game on Saturday in which they kicked some butt here in my home town.  There was no TV coverage so I listened to the radio and spun some merino.  Henry and Doug went with Ed (of the ipod fame) and Uncle Bill and they stayed until the very end.  Henry was sooo excited!  Doug had called the football office and arranged to meet and greet the players and coaches at their pre-game walk thru so Henry was just in awe of it all.  We try to do special stuff for him because he was born after Doug retired.  Henry’s the biggest football freak and it bums him out to no end that his sisters got to be around the football business and he missed it all.  Oh well….

Must shove off now–Gotta face the music sometime…..

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3 Responses to running a little late

  1. b says:

    i was thinking of you during the game. the bears look good! i’m glad henry was able to go down and meet the team before the game…how great for him. i hope you are feeling better and not overworking yourself!

    thinking of you, always.

  2. India says:

    Hey – thanks for the heads up on the fibre – I just had a looksee and it is gorgeous. This is when I kick myself for the current fibre diet!

  3. Pam says:

    Thanks for the kind words about the pooches. Love your photo’s, the berries are divine as were the pears and the bucket and all the others. Glad you took your hour.. I had that rushed feeling leaving today, should have just called and said I’d be there but just a bit later. The world would not have ended..

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