sick kids and days off


My blogging has been hampered lately by a very crazy existence that is timed almost down to the minute.  This means that most of my time is spent doing mundane things that I refuse to blog about–its stuff you’re all doing too and I’m sure you’re reading to get away from your chores so why would you want to read about mine?

The by-product of this busy lifestyle is that there isn’t much creation going on and that’s the stuff I like to talk about.  I had one kid home sick for two days.  Now that she’s back in school, I have another one home sick.  You know the drill….

One nice thing:  even though eldest daughter doesn’t like what we’re eating for dinner and will be making something else for herself to eat, she still waits her dinner until we all sit down and joins us because she likes the 20 minutes we’re all gathered around the table.  I must be doing something right.Knit_hat

I have been knitting at night before I pass out.   Mostly working on Christmas presents and making some pretty good progress but lots more to go….

I cleaned up my cottage a while back and as I’ve been so busy its still clean because I haven’t been in it to messy it up….Before I started working as much as I am now I was starting to make some covered boxes to sell on my etsy store.  I did get a few done but maybe I’ll make a big effort to finish a batch and put them up in time for the holidays as they are great for gifts on their own or for giving with a gift inside.  Covered_boxes

Doug and I have been watching the Inspector Lynley Mysteries on PBS this week.  This series has been one of our favorites but this particular set of programs seems different from the previous years.  Not as compelling.  Crappy photography.  Kind of a bummer.  We are enjoying Netflix and we’re catching up on all our old favorites:  My Favorite Wife with Cary Grant, Bringing Up Baby with Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, To Catch a Thief with Cary and Grace Kelly.  Soon up is the Thin Man series and watching those always makes me want a martini…

Well, as this is a much needed day off, I better get cracking.  Maybe some spinning while the laundry dries…..

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2 Responses to sick kids and days off

  1. Pam says:

    I love Lynley and we just watched the one with the horse and smuggling. Is that the one you saw? Not as compelling. Do you read the series? I’m all caught up with them and feel so sad. Is she going to continue do you think? Because I love Barbara and Inspector and all the crew. And love your blog. Hope you stay well.

  2. Willow says:

    We too are Lynley watchers… and also recently enjoyed the Miss Marples…. But we LOVE Thin Man and the entire Thin Man series…. and yes, they always make me want a swellegant cocktail!!

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