good friends

3_pears_croppedJust got off the phone with a good friend–one I’ve known since elementary school.  I love talking to her and it doesn’t matter if we’re laughing or crying with each other on the phone–we’re totally present and it’s just like high school.  We’ve been known to talk for hours (I think our record is 4 hours) and run from subject to subject.  This conversation was full of laughter–the real kind that old friends share.  Funnily enough, there were four of us that were close all through middle and high school but only L. and I are close now.  There is too much baggage with the other two and as the years go by I realize that they don’t know the true meaning of friendship–of being there for good and bad and even when its painful.  I hate burning bridges but I’m at a place in my life where I will give everything for a friend but I need them to be there for me too and these other two friends definitely have not been.  I see movies like Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and I think that we were like that and I always thought that we’d grow up and retain a bond as adults.  It makes me sad but I feel that I can look at it realisitically and let them go.  We’ve changed and grown apart.  Thats okay.  And as the years go by, L. and I continue to weather our personal ups and downs and love each other for the people we were and the people we have grown to be.  That, in itself, is lucky and special.  Geez, we’ve been friends for 32 years! 

This week brings the beginning of the new school year for my kids (yea!!!!!) and more changes in store for me.  Good changes but ones that I’ll reveal later (nothing big for goodnesssakes!  Just something I can’t throw around the internet!)  Autumn is iminent and so to, is the nippy weather.  Football is just about in full swing.  On that subject I have two updates.  One:  the cowdrop must have been good luck because my husband’s football team won their very first game in over a year (a real nail biter!).  Two:  Cal totally sucked on Saturday but whats with all the commentary throwing them under?  It was just one game!  Do people need to get so mean!  They didn’t ask to be ranked #9 in the country!  Sorry.  I get a little heated about my Bears….

And, with the changing of the seasons, I’m dying to start another knitting project!  Is this happening to anyone else?  Someone please intervene!

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6 Responses to good friends

  1. Robin says:

    This is so core to who I am..the friendship thing.

    History of a friendship is very clarifying.

    My friendships NOW I am blessed the years unfold..and the stories get told…

    my circle of friends surround, embrace ,understand and accept me for who i am…

    so i feel the warmth of that phone call..and all it had to offer..most left unsaid in the commitment of the years…and the volume of that voice.

    and i so appreciate your appreciation in the sweeteness of friendship.

    thank you for sharing.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yes, yes, yes, desperate to start some autumnal knitting, I have the yarn, it keeps beckoning like a wicked siren….

    School started back today for us, and my house is clean for what feels like the first time in weeks, hurrah. My work table is cleared and I feel ready to get stuck into all sorts of things, brilliant.

    I love and identify with your thoughts on friendship. My bestest friend lives in another country and sometimes we don’t speak for months but when we do catch up it’s like we were never apart, I know she is always there for me.

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh the autumn bug has bit – it’s not even begun to get cool yet and I am ready ready ready. Have too many projects in the queue, and even more that I should be doing for the store. Ay. Hazards of the obsession, I suppose.

  4. pam says:

    I can really feel the changes in seasons early in the morning and late in the evening when things cool off. We have a month of warm weather left, but I’m looking forward to fall for sure.

  5. willow says:

    AHHHHH! I packed all my yarn today! Withdrawal already. It was fun, though, to organize it into groups for packing–100% wool, sock yarn, baby clothes yarn, handspun…
    I am so blessed with close friends, in fact, my best friend from high school is now my sister in law. What could be better??

  6. l says:

    Thank you. You know I feel the same.

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