the one about…..nothing

Applesandrosehipssept05Ever sit down at your computer to post to your blog and find that you have, well, nothing to say?  I feel like that right now.  My week seems to be filled up with housekeeping.  I don’t just mean the house, either.  I mean just taking care of all the little crap that needs to be done to make everything run smoothly.  Yes, I’ve been knitting and have made some progress but nothing to write home about.  Yes, I’ve been spinning but I’m just plodding along with singles.  I haven’t even entered my cottage in a week.  Applesauce and Roasted Tomato Sauce are my big accomplishments.  Dismal.

I did get together with Linda and she lent me her drum carder so I am slowly processing my goat stuff.  Next time I’ll be sending it away to be processed but I wanted to try doing it myself once.  It really should be dehaired and I can’t do that so it needs to go away…..

Since there is a nice cool breeze coming in through my window I think I’m going to go put on Pride & Prejudice (the bbc version) and spin a bit.

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3 Responses to the one about…..nothing

  1. B says:

    This photo is incredible! You so beautifully captured what so many of us have been feeling these days…this amazing time of year that straddles summer and fall. I love it and when I opened your blog…a huge smile spread across my face.

    And believe me when I say that, as trivial as you may find your life right now, I look forward to each of your posts…I love hearing about the breeze, the applesauce and just your daily life.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Beautiful picture – its very fall here this morning, and summer seems to be over. Roasted Tomato sauce? Yummm……

  3. tatjana says:

    Another cheer for the picture, the red just looks so alive against the fence. And not to worry, it happens to us all, but it still makes me smile to think about sitting in front of P&P (one of my all time faves) and spinning….I may just have to follow your lead 🙂

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