my aching back

Ceramicbirdmdnt It was a quiet weekend…We started off with goat shearing (and goat rustling) early saturday morning.  My friend Linda kindly came over to lend us her shears, advice and support and ended up lending us her shearing talent too, as she was way better at shearing goats with attitude than I was!  Thank you Linda!  I now have a half of a laundry basket filled with pygora goat fiber to wash, card and then spin.  It will be a lengthy process….

Due to the bending over during the shearing my lower back has taken this opportunity to remind me that I’m not 23 anymore so the rest of the weekend was spent letting my back relax and get lots of sock knitting done and some hoodie knitting done too.  I definitely want to get that particular monkey off (or on) my back!

Before the shearing induced back spasm I did manage to hit my favorite thrifting store and got these adorable sheets in perfect condition.  And I got 4 0z of merino plyed and washed and finished.  Homespunrosesheet

So even though the weekend was a quiet one it felt good to relax because things are only going to get crazier in the coming weeks.  I’m looking forward to the fall weather and Cal football and cozy fires and much knitting on weekends. 

Well, mom’s birthday is tomorrow and there is still some creative preparation that must happen so off I go to the cottage so that everything is done in time to watch Life on Mars on BBCA.  Love that!

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5 Responses to my aching back

  1. Vicki says:

    *I’m knocking on wood* because… ICK, lower back aches and strains are the worst. I have been out of commission at times for weeks because of that. The good news is that by around 45, I must have really — FINALLY — figured out how to manage it, prevent it, deal with it.

    I hope it feels better soon. ; )

  2. Kimberly says:

    Oh how lucky to have your own goat to sheer. I can’t wait to see the yarn! I hope your back feels better soon.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Can’t wait to see you finished goat produce, how amazing to be in control of the whole process like that, really and truely your very own yarn!

    I have been given a spinning wheel on long term loan, and have started to play a little, hopefully will take a lesson once the children go to school. Haven’t been doing too well so far though, so hopefully the lesson will help. Is there any particular book that you would recommend?

    Take care of your back.

  4. suse says:

    I’m loving that peek of sheet. I have two pillowslips similar to it.

    Hooray for the goat! How exciting to shear, wash, card, spin, dye and then knit. The whole process from go to whoa. Woot!

  5. Susan says:

    How exciting to be an integral part of the whole process. And that yarn..all I can say is wow. A very good weekend, and hopefully your back has forgiven you.

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