eye candy

Moonstrk Last night I did some spinning.  It’s been awhile and it felt good to spin but also to finish the 4 ozs that I’ve been working on.  There was NOTHING  on TV (how is that possible with directv and a gagillion stations?) so we put on an old favorite:  Moonstruck.  I love this movie for many reasons but probably the biggest reason is that it reminds me of when we lived in NJ.  The movie came out in 1987 which is the year that we moved to NJ.  The New York you see in the movie is the NY that I remember–those fashions, those hairstyles, those cars…that movie represents the snapshot I have in my mind when I remember being there.  I love it!  We have pictures of ourselves in front of that stupid fountain in front of the Met because it was in two of our favorite movies:  Moonstruck and (dare I say it) Ghostbusters.  Before we had Ruby in ’89 we used to go into Manhattan all the time to visit the museums, the Village, Soho, the opera, and our favorite, the Carnegie Deli.  One time we went on a crazy ass quest searching for the little red lighthouse that is featured in my very favorite children’s book (I saw it on Capt. Kangaroo when I was 2) The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge.  We got very close to it but couldn’t find it and some really nice NYPD officers offered to lead us to it so we got a police escort leading us down a Littleredlighthouseoldpbike path in our car straight to the light house.  It was wonderful to see it in real life.   That’s a picture I took of it on that day and you can see both the little red lighthouse and the great gray bridge which we all know is the George Washington Bridge.

What a digression from Moonstruck….

Update on Ed’s Ipod:

The phone rings.

Me:  Hello?

Ed:  (Screaming) How in the hell do I take that crap offa my ipod?

Me:  What?

Ed:  You know!  That shit you put on my ipod…how do I get it off?  I was in the damn shower and listening to Pavarotti and then on came this loud shit and I nearly had a heart attack in the shower!!!!  What the hell is it and how do I get it offa my ipod?

Me:  It’s The Suicidal Tendencies. (giggle, giggle) You have to hook your ipod up to your computer and then…

Ed:  What?  Hook it up to the computer?  Shit.  I’m all wet I can’t do that now…Damn kids….I’ll be calling you back!


Just thought you’d want to know…..

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5 Responses to eye candy

  1. Sharon says:

    I see that little red lighthouse every day when I go to work over the George Washington Bridge! I work as a nurse at Columbia Presbyterian Hosp. and live in NJ.
    I LOVE your knitting blog! I think we should trade houses for a week..you always make yours sound so wonderful and creative!
    Sharon at the Jersey Shore!

  2. ~Vicki says:

    ha! thanks for the ED update…hilarious!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Oh that is so funny, we are laughing so hard at that story.

  4. Susan says:

    You bad girl! Bad to Ed and my kb has asked me to not eat when reading blogs. *G*

  5. Sarah says:

    That was hilarious! Reminds me of the time I put a “Republicans for Kerry” sign on the car of my Republican politican father, right before he drove to a meeting for local government officials. Everyone saw it but him. 🙂 He he he. Isn’t it fun aggravating the folks?

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