lure of the blackberries

ChickenWhere we live here in the Northwest, a strange phenomenon takes place every summer:  the ripe blackberry phenomenon.  Everywhere you drive you can see otherwise normal human beings in ditches on the sides of the road, crossing fields, dropping bags in order to pluck those thorny but juicy berries off their vines and shove them in their mouths.  It amazes me every time I see a car pulled off the road with its driver clambering up a ditch just to taste these berries that are on our state’s noxious weeds list.  It’s a dangerous undertaking to go after these juicy jewels as poison oak loves to grow within the blackberry’s vines and the thorns on said vines are enough to put you in the hospital with stitches if they catch you.   And yet, people are willing to take a pause in their day just to taste this fruit that is warm and sweet from the summer sun.  It makes me smile as I drive by at 60 miles an hour ’cause I’ve got 11 acres and believe me–I’ve got my share of them.  During this time of year, if we can’t find Doug its because he’s at his favorite blackberry patch in the lower paddock…or the one behind the barn…or the one by the driveway….

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6 Responses to lure of the blackberries

  1. Makes me think of Brer Rabbit 🙂

  2. willow says:

    My bro in Oregon SAYS he grows Christmas trees on his farm, but we all know he really grows blackberries. The blackberry jam is great…

  3. Susan says:

    Someone who lived here before me transplanted wild blackberries along the fence. Of course they like to just wander where they choose but I can hardly bear to pull the babies out, because I love those berries! (and have some scars to prove it) Mine ripen in June and I spend much time with berry mouth and purplish fingers *G*. I’ve got a bunch in the freezer that I planned to make jam or jelly out of, but then when I looked up a recipe I was told I needed some not-quite ripe ones in there too. Oh well, I’ll just have to eat them plain.

  4. Di says:

    MMM blackberries! They are my favorite, next to raspberries! Growing up we had bushes of them lining our yard and we’d pick them and Grandma would make preserves.

    Good times, good memories! Thanks for reminding me of them with your post!

  5. ~Vicki says:

    the scent of blackberries was in the air yesterday, we could actually smell them from the back door. So we were out in the “back forty” picking again too and I have the bloody scratches to prove it! The pie we made turned out really good though so well-worth it. But why oh why are the biggest berries always just out of reach?

  6. Rebecca says:

    We’re eagerly awaiting the blackberries here, in another few weeks our evening walks will be a little longer and the children will have permanently stained mouths and fingers.

    I meant to ask you about the beautiful photograph of the intriguing looking fabric balls in your last post?

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