a little shit-kickin’ fun

We went to our county fair last night. 

Saw a bit of this:

Tractor_pullTractor pulling.  Yep.  It is actually fun to watch as most of the tractors are vintage and restored and quite cool to look at.  It’s not like NASCAR or anything–not loud or fast.  This guy had to go 3 times as he out-pulled the weight and then had to go to a pull-off with another guy who did the same and then this guy finally won.  Yep.  It’s pretty relaxing up there in the shady stands with a huge scoop of Tillamook ice cream, my man, my son and vintage tractors.

Our little fair is of the old-fashioned variety:  it has cows, sheep, goats,chickens,pigs and this year they added llamas.  It still has a craft section and a section for baked goods and canning (not near the animals).  Anybody can enter and anybody does from the looks of things….of course there are scary ass rides which my girls go on but I’ll go nowhere near.  I’m kicking myself for not taking my camera and getting some cool shots with the lensbabie or even something other than roses but I forgot and all I had was my cellphone…AngussocksAt least the temperature was totally bearable and comfortable so we had a good time.

And this is Angus modelling my 3 completed socks for me.  Yes, I know he has 4 legs and I could have put a sock on each paw but even getting him to do this was pushing it.  I had meant to take the picture with the socks on the pretty quilt when he jumped his huge labradorian ass up there so I put him to work.  Love his "what the hell are you doing to me? Can I chew these?" expression.

Going to take the kids to see Talladega Nights today and then a quiet dinner out with Doug.  Things are pretty damn good from here…

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4 Responses to a little shit-kickin’ fun

  1. sarah says:

    Love the photo of Angus.
    Glad to know mine is not the only Labrador that has to put up with being dressed up.

  2. leslie says:

    Angus looks adorable!! Love to hear about your summer day at the fair – and I am with you – don’t even get me near those rides! They are bad enough at the big amusement parks, but I feel like a neglectful mother when I let my kids go on those rides at the traveling fairs! Love to all!!

  3. Oh, that Angus is so damn adorable. And so photogenic!

    Those socks turned out great. I particularly love those in the middle…I think you were finishing those when I saw you last week? Gorgeous!

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the fair last week. Was Doug disappointed that we never fully realized our corn on the cob stand? 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    Looks a lot like our farmers fair. I was thinking of gettng a lensbabie – how do you like it? I have a canon 350d and now a new panasonic lumix fz7 – love to use them and bought the smaller camera just for outtings like that.

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