WIP Friday

ColettemnmrnI was thinking the other day about this whole blogging thing and how it is, for the most part, a positive experience.  I know it’s changed me a bit and also, as I’ve blogged more, my own blog has changed too.  Instead of reading other peoples inspiring blogs and feeling like I need to catch up, and be productive and be just as clever as they are, I can now see it more clearly.  Some people really are so terribly creative and clever and some are just wannabe’s following the trend.  I’ve become more discerning.  At the same time, I’m still inspired and am more inclined to give in to my creative side and realize its who I am and to give it the time and space that it is due. 

I am also constantly surprised by the generosity of bloggers out there.  When I owned a shop in California, people where not so generous.  My mom and I went into the business together totally unprepared and naive having never owned a shop before.  We would go into other women’s shops and ask questions–even about small things like, "where do you get your tissue paper?"  or "how late do you stay open?" and we would be met by a wall of silence.  Other shop owners were, for the most part, snotty and close-mouthed.  Then we would get customers who would come in and deconstruct our beautiful hand made products as much as they could and whisper, "$50 for that?  I could do that myself…".  It became easy for us to be close-mouthed about our business and our crafts, too.  After all, no one had helped us to start out and these women coming in to ask where we bought our fabric or how we made our lampshades weren’t buying anything! 

So, when I see how generous people in the blogging community are with their tips and tutorials and praise and suggestions I am truly amazed.  It all comes from a good place in their hearts and encourages others to open up and do the same.  I thank you all.

WIP Friday



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7 Responses to WIP Friday

  1. ~Vicki says:

    Just popping in to say “hello!” It’s been a busy week and I am WAY BEHIND on blog reading.

    Wanted to tell you again how much fun it was to chat last week. Let’s do it again sometime soon.
    I’d love to see the bags you’re making too, these fabrics look amazing. xox

  2. willow says:

    I know what you mean about wondering if your blog is “up to it” whatever that means. Sometimes I don’t post something because I wonder what people will think. BUT, my blog is really for me and the people I love, and if anyone else reads it and enjoys it, then that’s a bonus–a way I’ve blessed someone else’s day. Remembering yarnstorm’s recent comments, I’d agree with her: if the blog doesn’t suit you or bless you that day, “don’t worry about it”.
    Will I ever get out of the hot, dog days slump of no summer knitting??

  3. willow says:

    I’m knitting a little white sweater for a friend’s 3yo daughter but it’s not that interesting. I am just really bummed about the entralac and can’t figure it out. Also 94 in the house is just too hot to think. And distracted with wedding plans and haven’t slept in my own bed at home for a week. Viva le socks! Maybe I’ll go get some dishcloth yarn tomorrow.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I feel like that sometimes too. Interesting thoughts on the shop, I think too many people give no thought into the how things are made, we live in such a disposable society and there is too little respect for things. I used to sell my pottery for really very little given the time each piece took me but still people would try to make me feel I was somehow overcharging.

    That little glimpse of your bags is very tempting, gorgeous fabrics, can’t wait to see more.

  5. alice says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog

    in answer to your question, this link should help:


  6. Kimberly says:

    I know what you mean about not feeling up to par. When I write my blog I sometimes feel I should be doing a better job but I just don’t have the time. I get very jealous of people who can just write up a blog entry and it’s witty and fun to read-I can’t. So I post about what I can do and that’s create things. I think you do a fabulous job at the things you do and you shouldn’t feel intimidated by others. I love your pictures and your writing is great.
    I’m also amazed at the generosity of bloggers-but then it’s fun to help others who are interested in the same things, so I can understand it. Sorry for rambling but I just wanted to let you know. 🙂

  7. JulieFrick says:

    Beautiful fabrics! Hey- I am still in that doe-eyed stage where I feel like I’m making new friends with each click and comment. You mean it’s not all wine and roses around here? I’ll just sit on my nunchucks until I need ’em.

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