Abdarb3sharpcroppedclos It’s finally cooled down a bit but I’m still in a funk.  I’m having a hard time finding my way around my blog–like everything I say is trite and not worth reading.  Even though I’m still creating in my little cottage and knitting like a fiend somehow it just doesn’t seem worthy to post about.  Not that things are bad–all is well; just boring.  Maybe if I was a better writer I’d be able to pull something interesting out of my ass and go on about it but I just can’t.  I am enjoying what other people are doing  and posting about on their blogs and they all seem so funny and interesting.  I did have some very interesting things happen to me last week…an old man came into the office where I work and had forgotten to put on a belt so when he stood up to walk his pants fell down around his ankles and his wife had to pull them up for him.  Aside from the hilarity of my situation of having and old dude drop trou in the middle of my office, the rest is quite pathetic and sad that you can be old and forget your belt and your too big pants fall down in public and you’re too frail to even pick them back up for yourself!  Dang! 

Last week must’ve been my lucky week because I got to see two old men drop trou:  I won’t name names but one of my family members was too lazy to go into the house to change out of a swimsuit and decided instead to do it in the driveway by the car that I was approaching to get into!  I really can’t make this shit up, folks….Maybe I don’t have much to write because I’ve spent most of my evenings comfortably nursing Margaritas (have you tried that very damn good stuff by Mike’s?  That stuff is dang good!  Especially on crushed ice.  And, if need be, in a kids sipper cup so as not to spill as….well you don’t need to know the rest…)  Yes, two flashings in one week is enought to make anyone drink I say!


I promise to have more pictures tomorrow of work in progress (tablecloth bags) and maybe some sock knitting (I have 3 socks in progress due to a short attention span).

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