screwing with Ed’s ipod

It’s been a hectic few days.  Going from stay at home mom to working girl (not even full time!) is a big adjustment that affects everyone in the household.  Everyone has to have a safe place to be while I’m not home and someone must come let the dogs out mid-day.  That’s a lot to ask when you have 3 kids to place (well, I guess the 17 yr old doesn’t count) and you live 20 minutes from town and not on the way to anywhere…I am sure that all these things shall be ironed out.  So far things are running smoothly thanks to my sister and mom and dad and the 17 yr old.  Funny how you can make yourself feel guilty for not having a job and then when you get one, you feel guilty for not being with your kids and imposing on the kindness of others.  It’s a no win situation.

Had pizza with my friend Valerie last night and then we went back to her place and knit and talked–it was such a nice time!  I’m teaching her to knit and so I made sure we practiced some "accidents" like dropped stitches and twisted stitches so that when they happen to her when she’s alone it won’t be a big deal.  Of course, we all know that when it happens it is a big deal and everyone in the room better shut the hell up until I get that damn stitch back on my needle and lined up where it’s supposed to be.  Yeah.  But I didn’t tell her that…

Eddie2I’ve been listening to books on my ipod when I drive or am in my cottage  or on the treadmill.  I belong to Audible and I’m really enjoying Dance of Death by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston (I told you I like serial killer books).  I also like sharing these audible books (what do you do with them when they are on your computer and you probably won’t listen to them again?) because I feel I’m getting more use out of them and it makes them worthwhile.  My dad brought his ipod over and I loaded him up with 3 books.  Now, we need to understand my dad.  He hasn’t quite got his head wrapped around the fact that he has 20 GIGABYTES!!!!!!! of space on his ipod and that adding a few songs or a few books is NOT going to fill it up!  He is constantly purging his ipod of music because he feels he doesn’t need it anymore even though I try to tell him to just leave it, he might enjoy it again someday.  The worst part of this is that every time he wants to load something onto his ipod I (or one of my kids) are called upon to walk him through the process.  I give him HUGE credit for even trying to wrap his head around digital music and an ipod.  After all, he is from the age of transistor radios and vinyl but, when I get the call that he needs me to come over and show him how to load up a new song and, oh, by the way, he’s cleaned out the ipod again, well, let’s just say that you can here me banging my head against the wall all the way down the street.  That said, I couldn’t resist my very mischievious nature the other day when I loaded up his ipod with books.  I snuck a song by the Suicidal Tendencies (Institutionalized) on his opera playlist.  Yes, I did.  No, he hasn’t found it yet.  Yes, he will freak when it comes on.  No, he will not know immediately how it got there.  And, no, he will not know how to get it off.  Yes, he will probably PURGE HIS FRICKING IPOD!!! and I will be going over there again.  Like I said, I can’t help myself. 

Now you’ve seen my evil side.

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One Response to screwing with Ed’s ipod

  1. Sarah says:

    That is hilarious! We had a message on our voicemail the other day, in an older-than-time voice, saying, “umm…yes? is this the _____ nursing home? um…yes…I was visiting Betty Jo there on Saturday, and, well…um…I think I’ve misplaced my hearing aid? um…yes…I took it out to um…listen to my iPod”

    At this point we were laughing so hard we didn’t hear the rest of the message. Considering I just bought my almost-30-yr-old self my first iPod and am still figuring it out, it’s pretty damn impressive to hear that an elderly lady with a hearing aid is using it. . . 🙂

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