WIP Friday

Wip1Okay so not much work in here in the last 4 days but this is how I left it on Monday.  There WILL be progress today!  I’ll be working on the bags all day and then we’re going to see the new Pirates of the Carribbean–kids are excited (aw, hell, so am I). 

I haven’t even had much time to catch up with my favorite blogs since Tuesday so I’m looking forward to catching up with my coffee and a bagel this morning.  I’m sure everyone else has had their creative juices flowing and I’ll have lots of luscious things to look at before I toddle myself out to my cottage.

On the knitting/spinning front I am almost finished with 2 gifts which cannot be photographed or properly talked about for a few more weeks.  I’m almost done spinning the merino I got from Spunky Eclectic and it is looking so beautiful!  I hope to have the singles done and plyed this weekend.  That may be too optimistic…

Looking forward to a lazy weekend.  Wish that for all of you too…

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2 Responses to WIP Friday

  1. Robin says:

    You are incredible.I love your taste in fabric…

    I don’t think you have a “lazy” moment much less weekend.

    I don’t know how you do it all.

    Glad you and Patti had a great time together.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Oh those piles of fabrics look exciting, such gorgeous prints and colours, looking forward to seeing what they become…

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