no rain on the 4th!

BirdLet me just say right now–thank you, thank you for all the kind birthday and anniversary wishes from all of you!  It was so fun to check my email and find kind words and lovely thoughts from all of you.  I love being part of this community!  We had a lovely day with no more rain and a yummy bbq, cakes, and fireworks and lots of relaxing and chatting with friends.  I couldn’t ask for a better day!

The next day I jumped into my new job and it was back to reality.  Looks like it will be a good fit–everyone is so nice and it will be a nice balance to my stay-at-home work in my cottage days.  Now if I could just make those days pay the bills….

For my birthday, my mom and dad got me one of the sew mini’s that Pam Garrison was talking about on her blog.  I’m excited because this will let me sew on paper and things other than fabric without feeling guilty about ruining the Viking.  It’s so cute and looks so easy and its so light that it will be perfect for those projects while not taking up much storage space or being a pain to set up.  As it is, I think I’m going to set up another machine (the one I let the girls use) to be strictly for ruffles so I can keep the ruffle attachment on it.  I’m working on some medium sized "book" bags using vintage table cloths for my etsy store so there is lots of sewing going on.

Green Wing is on tonight so I’m off to knit and laugh my ass off…

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