birthday etiquette

I have a cold.  A shitty summer cold.  Sore throat, runny stuffy nose–you know, the works.  Lots of napping and sitting on my bed knitting last night.  And watching Cary Grant in North by Northwest–one of my very favorites!  And Coupling on BBCA.  One of my favorite things to watch these days is Green Wing on BBCA (for you people in the UK I know its probably old hat…).  It’s so crude but so damn funny!  Why is it that British TV is so much better than what we’ve got here?

Lately I am having to fend off some birthday related issues:  the giving of early presents and the disgust of bakery cakes.  I feel pretty strongly about these two things.  It’s my birthday coming up and it’s the one day that is uniquely mine to make decisions about (not really–it’s the 4th of July and it’s also our wedding anniversary but I try to pretend) so I flex my muscle and resist attempts of bullying.  First, the birthday cake.  No one in my family likes bakery cakes.  No one.  They all want homemade.  So, all year round we have homemade cakes and nothing from the bakery with all its disgustingly good sweet buttercream frosting and lovely flowers.  I don’t know–it’s a weakness of mine.  Well, I’m getting me a bakery cake, no one is talking me out of it and, it will be large so that I can eat it for breakfast for the next week.  Nuff said.

On the subject of presents:  My family cannot keep a secret and thats generally what presents are, secrets until you give them.  I don’t care if its a flipping toe nail cutter to keep my tattoed toe looking good–I want it on my birthday!  Somehow when you drag all the present giving out it loses its impact and I love presents!  Now that I’m not a kid, how often do you get to sit down to a pile (however small ) of presents and open them?  Not often, I can tell you.  My sister Alison is the biggest purveyor of early gifts and I’ve had to smack her down 3 times so far!  As I sit here typing I have a present on my keyboard from Riley waiting patiently to be opened.  Well, it’s going to wait a few days more!

And lastly, a fabulously simple recipe for summer.  I got this way back when, in the football days from another Giants wife and my whole family loves them.

CucumberLittle Cucumber Sandwiches

1 tub soft cream cheese

1 pkg cocktail pumpernickel bread (usually found in the deli)

1 pkg powdered italian dressing (Good Seasons)

1 large cucumber, skin removed and sliced in rounds

Mix italian dressing well with cream cheese.  Smear a spoonful onto the bread and top with a slice of cucumber.

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