now it’s time for rest

I’m back and have lots of catching up to do…

First, thank all of you who sent kind wishes and thoughts for Angus and his dicey tummy.  It seems the bland diet was what he needed and no more barfing ensued.  We are now introducing his puppy food again and all seems well though I think he’d rather have the bland diet…Again, thanks so much for the nice words–it made me feel lots better to hear that some of your dogs have gone through that too and survived just fine!

So, Patti has come and gone and I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck!  Ihaven’t seen that much activity in a long time!  We were busy during the days and then stayed up late each night talking and knitting.  What a luxury to have a friend with you all the time:  to be able to talk in the car, over meals, while watching tv!  I think we’re all caught up now….

We truly must be tuned into the same channel because she brought me my birthday gift and it was all pink and white!  I’ve been going through a pink phase lately (check the guest room!) and then she shows up with this adorable gift.  She knows me so well!Pattiprsnt  She gave me lovely Manos cotton yarn, stitch markers for little needles (socks) , vintage ceramic ducks, and that beautiful vintage tablecloth underneath it all and a knitting book!  I love her gifts because she knows me so well and puts things together so nicely.

These cups were a find at a local antique store and she added them to my gift on Friday–I feel spoiled!  They are so pretty and special–I think I’m going to put my favorite scented votive candles in them and use them as candle holders in my cottage.Pattiteacup_1    I love little cups–there are so many uses for them.

Patti and I started out the weekend by hitting 4 yarn stores in Portland on the way home from the airport.  Of course, yummy yarn was found in each store and had to come home with us (we are not participating in the summer get rid of your stash thing–it isn’t possible for us and we know ourselves too well to attempt that…)  We had lunch at a great bakery and had a nice time in Portland and made it home in time for dinner and knitting until 1 am.  Friday we got up and headed to Eugene for the Black Sheep Gathering.  I’m glad we went early because it was starting to get crowded while we were there.  It was smaller than I expected but definitely a good place to get fiber and supplies!  There was fiber of every kind and in every state:  from sheared locks to fine roving and all the colors under the sun.  All in all, it took us about an hour and a half to get through it all and I was able to pick up some more merino and some Blue Moon Fiber  sock yarn in gorgeous colors.  I really want to cast on for some socks but I’m holding myself back until I finish off some other projects… (I did get yarn for a booga bag and managed to knit and finish that while Patti was here!  Did it turn out smaller than anyone else expected or is it just me?)  Here’s a picture of my haul from the fiber fest.  You can see Big Pumpkin is guarding it for me on the day bed.Blacksheepstash

And about the daybeds–they are finally up!  I had always wanted a house with a porch and a comfy daybed to lounge on and take naps on in the summer so every summer we put up a vintage spindle bed with lots of pillows and it becomes the place of many naps, a place to read or knit and the favorite place of my kids and their friends to hang out.  Last year we had some fights over the day bed and who was in it more and so on, soooo this year I put up two daybeds to hopefully solve that problem.  I had an old headboard and footboard in the barn that had been for the shop but never made it.  I painted them blue and Doug put it together and now we have two daybeds.  It’s nice out there and when the sun gets too bright I have curtains that I strung up so they can be closed and the porch feels private and cool.  Transforming the porch in this way all signals summer and with this heat, we know its here!

Quadporch I keep the beds kind of sloppy and free form so that people feel comfortable to move around pillows to suit them and don’t feel like they have to fix the bed when they get up.  They are absolutely to be used and not just for looks.

So, back to my time with Patti:  On the way back from Eugene we passed some U-Pick strawberry places so Riley and I hopped out and got enough strawberries for a batch of jam which we made Saturday morning.  It is so good I’m thinking that I should try to scrounge up enough strawberries for another batch…Jamtoast                                                                                                                                                                           

So now I’m all caught up and have lots of knitting, spinning and sewing to do (and laundry) but I think I’m going to go swimming at Alison’s today instead…

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4 Responses to now it’s time for rest

  1. What a weekend! Glad you had a great time with Patti. Looks like you got lots of wonderful stuff! I am also happy to hear that Angus is feeling better. I am looking forward to getting together again soon.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Glad you had a great visit and that Angus is back to himself, what a relief that must be. Those teacups are beautiful, what a lovely picture of them. Your daybeds look so inviting, one of my daydreams is to live in a lovely American clapperboard house with a great big porch to lounge on and of course some warm sunshine which is conspicuous by its absence here right now.

  3. Di says:

    I am so glad you had fun with your friend and that your visit was so nice!

    I love reading your blog, it’s almost like a vacation for my mind. I’m picturing myself stretched out on one of those daybeds on your porch now…can you send me a glass of lemonade?

  4. Di says:

    I am so glad you had fun with your friend and that your visit was so nice!

    I love reading your blog, it’s almost like a vacation for my mind. I’m picturing myself stretched out on one of those daybeds on your porch now…can you send me a glass of lemonade?

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