thrifting success

Well, today is monday so it must be raining!  At least it was warm this weekend and much cleanup was achieved in the yard….

As promised here are my finished ball band washrags for Henry’s teachers.Washrag1

And a closeup.

Washragclose So the gifts are almost all put together and will be ready on Thursday for the last day of school!  I hate it when it creeps up on you and you forget that you’re supposed to get something for the teachers the day before the last day!  This year will be a breeze…

I’m liking the washrags but I find they are a little too big for me (I have small hands).  So the next batch I make I’m only going to cast on 33 instead of 45 and cut out two repeats so that they’re more manageable for me to use.  I love the colors and they are nice to have on the sink!   In other knitting news, I’m making the Irish Hiking Wristwarmers out of my handspun yarn and I love them so much!  I have one done and am wearing it while knitting up the other at night in bed and I can’t believe what a difference it makes in the warmth of my fingers!  My mother even tried it on and agrees that she needs a pair.  I’ll take pix when they’re both done.

And now for the thrifting pix.  My mom and I had started off at garage sales on Friday but they were pretty lame so we moved on to Goodwill.  We found some great stuff there including some 100% wool sweaters (50% off!) to felt and sew into a blanket.  As we rounded a corner I heard all the breath suck out of my mothers lungs and I knew she had spied something good:  there was a handmade dollhouse (circa 1960’s) with wallpaper, curtains, paint and, get this, a bag of hand made, wooden doll furniture original to the little house!  All this for, hold onto your hats, $9.99!!!!!!!!!!  What a find!  It’s very primative and adorable and fits right into her primative dollhouse collection.

My finds were a little bit more run-of-the mill.Sheets

Sheets in great condition.

Thriftgoods_1 3 aqua pottery tumblers,  two bright green candy tins, a very pretty teacup (good for keeping sewing pins in) , and a cool green bread tin that mom found at a flea market later that day. Everything will be put to good use in my cottage to help store the crazy amount of supplies I’ve got in there!

I also found these little cake tins.Bonbonsoapmolds   I brought them home not having a specific purpose for them but then remembered Riley and her soap making!  She promptly used them to create these adorable little bonbon soaps!


They look like little petit fours!

I’ve vowed that I’m going to try to hit the thrift stores at least twice a month.  Not that I really need anything.  Since closing my store in California I am now left with a barn full of stuff so I’m going to have to limit myself to buying only for gifts or crafting.  I don’t want to add to the barn population….

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One Response to thrifting success

  1. JulieFrick says:

    Hey there! I’m a teacher and I LOVE the warshrags. But now I want to go make soap. Dang!

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