camping in the 70’s

Yesterday was a good day for rose photography.  Except for a little wind the light was just right so I ripped off about 1 gb of shots.  Gotta love digital…Eden3mndmrn I had some fun with filters this morning.  I love it when the kids are sleeping and its quiet.

I’m still trying to figure out typepad’s system so my blogs may be goofy looking for awhile…

I’m knitting away like crazy on those washcloths from Mason Dixon Knitting.  I’m almost done with my second one and should take some pictures today.  They are so cool!  I love how quick and easy they are.  Thanks to Knitorious I’m hooked!  Everyone who has a birthday soon is going to get a bath related gift…Eden1mndmrn

Thinking about summer yesterday got me thinking about what we used to do for the summer when I was a kid.  The highlight was camping with the Haneys.  They were the family we were very good friends with and my best friend was Toni Haney.  We would take off early in the morning under the guise of "beating the heat" (no AC in that big old Mercury station wagon) but really it was because my dad wanted to get to the campground before Ken Haney and get the best campsite!  He would drive like a bat outta hell, very smug and happy with himself that we’d get there before the Haneys because we were early risers and they slept late.  One year we drove into the campground to be greeted by all the Haneys standing in "the good" campsite waving as we drove by.  Ken had lied to my dad about his starting time and left the night before…But after the crazy car ride and having to pitch in to clear the site of rocks for the tent and blow up air mattresses and unroll sleeping bags we were free to roam around.  We would hang out by the river all day with our towels and cards (Toni and I played lots of Crazy Eights) and float on rafts.  After dinner we’d play hide and go seek in the empty campsites with the person who was "it" wearing a plastic soda can holder (remember the ones with the rings that would make it to the ocean and birds or fish or something would get there necks stuck in them?) on their ankle, the other rings filled with emptly cans to make lots of noise as you ran.  We’d play until dark and it was time for the campfire and s’mores or marshmallows and then into our sleeping bags for the night.  The best part of waking up when you’re camping is the smell of the campfires, bacon cooking and the coffee brewing.  Something about eating outside makes everything taste so much better! 

Well, off to a Little League game this morning and maybe some gardening if the rain holds off.  And, of course, some washcloth knitting….

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