Yesterday I spenLighthousejulyweb_1t an hour posting to my blogspot blog and when I hit the "publish post" button everything went away and I was told that the server couldn’t be found.  I guess I’ve just had enough so now I’m moving to typepad.  I am so, so, so sorry for the inconvenience to everyone!  I hate doing it but I can’t live never knowing if my post is going to publish or disappear.  Just think of the washcloths I could have knitted in that hour……

That said here are the 10 things that mean summer to me:

1. Hot Tamales (the candy)

2. a whiff of sunscreen (remember Sea & Ski?)

3. Doug’s fresh salsa

4. Doug’s rum punch

5. The Red Hot Chili Peppers (and may I just say that I’m lovin’ Stadium Arcadium, though when Dani California comes on I drive a little too fast)

6. the smell of BBQ’s

7. crickets

8. Gazpacho

9. the smell of fresh mown grass

10. sleeping in

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