big things a’happenin…

Just a quick post today as big things are happening here on the Farm:  our beloved houseguest of a year,Bernadette, has recently moved out.  She came last summer to finish her thesis and you know how time flies when you’re having fun (with Mike’s Hard Lemonade, rum punches, cosmo’s, martini’s…Not all in one night!) and we did have fun!  The kids love her , the dogs love her and Doug & I enjoyed her company and babysitting talents.  We will all miss her!  However, now there is an empty cottage, and I am not one to waste space, I must do my best to fill it!  So,  instead of a darkish, cramped work room I’m getting a largeish, light-filled, studio with its own bathroom, and all the room I could ever need (I say that now…) for my work!  I’m going to have a big table for my sewing machine and serger, a big counter: one side for cutting, one side for assembly.  And windows!  Did I mention windows?  I can walk out of the house, leave the laundry and have my music on and be by myself!  If someone wants me they have to come out to get me.  More pix will come of the glorious cottage (it even has Collette roses growing on it) as soon as we get it all together.  Needless to say, we’ll be working our tails off until its operational!Chair_table_cottage

I am so excited!  Here’s a picture of the view from the cottage at sunset.Hills_2

Some knitting is getting done (when I’m not doing anything else)  so here’s a crappy picture of my Koigu sock that I ripped out and am know knitting in a plain old stockinette with a picot edge.  Knitting with size 0’s takes forever.  And my hands have very rough from gardening and moving furniture and stuff.  Even wearing gloves with scads of thick lotion to bed didn’t help much.  Anyone have any suggestions for a good hand cream?Picot_sock

I did manage to sew up a spring/summer knittting bag because I was getting tired of the felted bag I was carrying around.  Love that Cath Kidston oilcloth.   And the bag is big enough that I can throw my damn behemoth of a camera in too.  Which brings me to the point of why all my pix are little weird lately–I keep forgetting that I have my macro lense on and instead of running into the house to change it I just make do with what I have.New_knitting_bag

Off the the cottage!  Hopefully completion is imminent!

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One Response to big things a’happenin…

  1. Sandy says:

    I am dying for something Cath Kidston!

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