just another day on the farm, funny farm, that is


Lupines Blooming!  I swear I just blinked and they were blooming!  Roses, delphiniums and foxgloves gotta be right behind.

The House Wrens are back.  I can hear them in the morning as I’m slowly waking up. I particularly love these little birds because they have such a cheery song and when they pick a house to nest in they pick up twigs that are too big to fit in the hole of the birdhouse.  So, these industrious little birds keep trying and trying until they somehow get their twig into the birdhouse.  I guess thats a good lesson for anyone…

The swallows are back too.  I love the way they chatter and chirp as they’re soaring around our fields like the Blue Angels.  They even catch Angus’s eye if he’s out there and can’t find his ball.

So, picture my farm with the house wrens and the swallows, blue skies, a cool breeze, and glorious sunshine.  I toddled my bad self outside determined to shear that goat, and get my roses tied up to the house.  Well, I did shear that goat and she and her sister were so playful afterward!  It must’ve felt good to be without that winter coat.  Then Doug and I moved onto the roses.  Okay.  I am of the mind that any house can look better with some climbing roses upon it.  And if one has a porch with columns than that is just asking for said climbing roses.  Doug does not agree.  In fact, if he had to catagorize roses into a family I think he’d pick the noxious weed family.  To him all roses are right up there with blackberry brambles and poison oak.  He thinks I am an idiot to tangle with them and always come out the loser.  He fails to see their beauty or how wonderful they are as photographic subjects!  Yarnstorm, you go on about your tulips (rightly so!).  Well that’s how I feel about my roses.  And I don’t mean hybrid tea fussy things.  Noooooo.  I mean the overblown, old-fashioned, perfume scented lovelies that kind of ramble all over (all the better to prick you).  I digress.  Doug was in a foul mood to have to climb a ladder precariously perched (he hates heights! ).  And all this to get pricked and spiked by those ever-present thorns.  And I’m on the ground telling him which branch to move and how to move it and hating his attitude!  So there we are, both hating our respective positions and trying to maintain our calm but you know I’d love nothing more than to give his ladder a big push and he’d love to drop that hammer he’s using smack on my head!  Neither of those things happened and the roses are tied up and we’re still married.

So, to move on from there:  I intended to take it easy today and knit and spin and add to my blog but somehow I got bitten by the gardening bug and didn’t come inside until 4:30!  We mulched paths, added dirt to planting beds, relocated shrubs….I don’t think I’m going to be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning!  And we have Soprano’s tonight!!  What a banner day!  I do hope someone gets whacked, though.  Too much set-up for me.  I don’t know, I still think the first few seasons where the best.

Green_homespun Here’s a picture of my newly spun yarn.  I’m gettting better…I do need to  keep practicing though.  I don’t feel I’ll ever be spinning sock yarn but that’s okay.  It’s relaxing in it’s own right and I love the whole dyeing thing!  I’m thinking that since my yarn isn’t the greatest yet maybe I should use it to make a felted bag. 

Looking back at the last few days I swear one would think I’m on crack!  If you coulda seen me this winter you’d think that I’m being possessed–all I did this winter was sit on my ass and knit, knit,knit.  Oh, and nap.  Yeah.  So now I’m outside shoveling mulch and dirt and ripping up shrubs(!!)  What the hell is going on?  Maybe its just a phase.  Maybe I just want it to be pretty so I can sit on my ass on a lounge and knit or read trashy novels and drink iced tea.  Pick up the kids from school?  Maybe….

And while Doug and I were working our tails off does anyone want to guess what our two teenage daughters where doing?  Hmmm?  Yeah, they went to the MALL!!  And had the audacity to ask us for money this morning as we were waking up slowly over morning coffee!  We live 13 miles from town.  I ask you, is there an ATM down our gravel street?  Do I look like an ATM?  If you push my belly button will I crap out a $20?  Then I was told that if I didn’t have cash I could come with them (they were only inviting my credit card).  I promptly told them I would rather have a tooth pulled than go to the mall.  No wonder I was fired up today–damn teenagers!

I can’t resist a pic of Ali’s finished Easter Socks (I know Easter was 2 weeks ago) in their wrapping.Alis_gift_sox   Little Pumpkin was interested too.  As soon as he saw that the gift did not include food for him he was off. 

Time to get ready for Sopranos!

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2 Responses to just another day on the farm, funny farm, that is

  1. Sandy says:

    Awwh, what a sweet, sweet picture of kitty : )

  2. Sandy says:

    Awwh, what a sweet, sweet picture of kitty : )

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