try this baby out

So I’m going to see if I like this blogging place better than my other one.  So far its pretty confusing but I can customize it alot more (if I only knew how to do that!).  I can’t stand things that aren’t pretty to look at.  We’ll see how it turns out…

Lilac_1_1  I’m going to try putting some pictures up and see what happens.

That’s not so bad but not so easy either.  Is it to much to ask for simplicity? 

It’s warm enough today that I have the window by my desk open and some shrub is blooming and it smells sooo good!  I don’t even know what shrub it is–it’s hiding our propane tank…

If I keep fooling around with this stuff I’m not going to get anything done and I have a long list of things to do!  I want to spin and ply some yarn, knit, sew, move stuff around in the garden and shear the goat!  Maybe I better call it a day for the blogging thing…

Let’s try one more picture , shall we?  Something interesting and fun.  Hmmmm, what shall it be?  Maybe more of my creations…


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